Word Cookies Antworten: Vom Celebrity Chef zum Executive Chef

Sonja U. Sonja U.

Und weiter geht’s mit unseren Word Cookies Antworten. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad zieht an und Ihr kommt nicht weiter? Kein Problem! Hier mehr erfahren!

Word Cookies Antworten bringen Euch zum Executive Chef

Jetzt geht’s langsam in die Vollen. Amtierende Star Chefs können mit der Word Cookies App über den Celebrity Chef und den Sous Chef zum Executive Chef aufsteigen! Wie immer gilt: Leckere Teigwaren in Buchstabenform ordnen und zu sinnvollen englischen Wörtern kombinieren. Nichts leichter als das? Na dann los! Und falls Ihr doch nicht weiterkommt: Hier gibt’s Hilfe!

Word Cookies Antworten
Mit diesen Word Cookies Antworten kommt Ihr weiter. (Bild: Bitmango/Redaktion)

Jetzt wird’s spannend: Celebrity Chef

Der Celebrity Chef ist schon so eine kleine Berühmtheit. Habt Ihr das Zeug dazu? Hin und wieder eine dieser Word Cookies Antworten schadet aber nicht… Passt auf, es wird beerig-süß!

  1. Word Cookies Antworten Wildberry:

    • wit win wintry wry tin tiny twin try writ wiry nit
    • exit exited edit tee tie tied tide die diet ted
    • pin pinion opinion onion ion inn noon nip
    • chef chefs fresh french fern ferns she hen hens her hers
    • out outwit tow too toot two wit tout tot twit
    • gig gossip sop sops sip sips pig pigs
    • bile bicycle bye ice icy cycle lie lice lye
    • aqua nau sea sane sauna sun sue sea use
    • cut cult clutch nut hunt hut tun lunch
    • cine scenic sec sic sin since sine nice ice ices ins
    • cub cube cue club clue jumble bum blue mule elm emu
    • sum summon sun son mum mom moms fun onus
    • fun fungus gun guns sun sung snuff gnu gnus snug
    • don odd nod nobody body bond boo boy boon bony |or| aid and can dig gin din inn nag acid gain dancing
    • ale amaze azalea laze lame lea elm maze male meal zeal
    • ion ionic icon bionic bin bun coin cob con cub nib
    • bulb bubble bile bib bible blue ebb lie lieu
    • bur bury buy buyer buzzer rub ruby rube rue rye bye buzz
    • bold blood bloody boy body boo bob lob lobby old
    • this thirst hit hits his its stir shirt sit sir six sixth
  1. Word Cookies Antworten Raspberry:

    • joy joyful july fox foxy foul flu flux you fly
    • reef roe free freeze froze fee for foe zero ore
    • wig wiggle ilk gig gel like lie lek leg egg elk wile
    • ruin run our oil urn loin lio liquor iron ion nor nil
    • fly flying lying fin fig ivy nil vinyl gin fling
    • aim air arm armor mar mirror ram rim roam roar rom oar
    • true turkey trek try rut rue ret rye key yet query
    • lam llama llamas all ask mall malls mask slam small alas alms
    • urn unify jury injury fun fur fury fin fir fry run ruin
    • due dug jug sue use dues jugs sued used judge judges
    • gust gut guts gas august sag stag tag tags sat tug tugs
    • fun fund fin find muff muffin mud mind mid dun dim din miff
    • use uses success sue sues sec cuss cue cues
    • only coy con cool loon loony noon nylon cloy colony colon
    • ewe eve eel wet tee twelve let lee jet jewel jew vet welt
    • cry cheer cheek cheeky creek her here hey eye rye key cheery reek
    • try trip tip fry fit fir pry pit pity rip rift
    • eel kettle elk heel tee teeth the lee leek let keel
    • ail aim fail family film filmy flay fly lay yam mail may
    • any anyone annoy nay nun noun none neon one eon you yen
  2. Word Cookies Antworten Cranberry:

    • say slay sly array arrays alas ray rays lay lays
    • link living liking ink king nil kin viking vigil gin ilk
    • ago pagoda pad papa pop gap god dog pap goad pod gad ado
    • alas also ask oak oaks koala koalas look looks solo soak
    • aura aurora arrow raw roar row oar our war
    • hit hive hike tie thieve the eve vie kit kite hie vet tee
    • toe toes too off offset foe foes foot fest soft set soot
    • art attract arc act tar tract rat cat car carat tact tart cart
    • lily lid mill mild mildly mix mid ill dilly idly dim dimly dill
    • bib big bin bob bog gin gob ion nib bong bingo gibbon
    • crag car cargo cur cougar rag rug roar arc ago oar our cog
    • omen one oven money monk monkey move eon envy venom yoke yen key
    • have haven hue heaven hen venue avenue even heave van vane nave eve
    • log logo glory gloom gloomy groom gym rom room orgy moor gory loom
    • can cane cache cage chance change ache acne ace age hang hen nag each
    • sea quake quakes squeak see seek sake sue ease ask use
    • gang gazing gaming gain gin gig aim man main zig zag aging nag gag
    • dive dived divide did die died vie hide hive hid vied
    • tic tail talc italic ail act lit vital via vail civil cat cavil cilia
    • lot let collect colt cot cell cello toll tell col clot toe
  3. Word Cookies Antworten Cottoncandy:

    • pen pew ewe nephew new hen hew hewn when fee few weep
    • eve ewe heave hew have awe weave web wave behave bee haw
    • icy ilk tic tick trick tricky try city cry kit lit lyric lick
    • jury jut fruit fruity fry fur fury fir fit rut try turf turfy
    • met mettle melt meet elm eel text tee let teem lee
    • ban bamboo baboon boa bomb bob boo boon man moan mob moon mono boom
    • sold should soul hold holds hush loud lush old olds duo shod sod
    • sum sumo sue some use muse museum mum memo mouse mom moms emu emus
    • cede ceded cod code coded cove deco decode deed doe dove eve ode odd
    • bur bus hub rub sub burs bush hubs rubs rush subs brush shrub shrubs
    • wild will willow widow wow ill idol lid low doll owl oil old wold
    • joy join jury junior you your ruin run our iron irony ion injury nor urn
    • ape ale pale puzzle pea plea lap laze lea leap peal zeal pal zap
    • use useful sue self sell fuse full fuel flu elf fell fuels flue
    • lye lonely lone noel one only jolly joy jell jelly yell yen eon enjoy joey
    • vie voice voices vies ice vice vices ices sic cove coves sec
    • eel end edge need needle den lee lend led ledge leg legend gene gel glee
    • she sleigh sigh his high highs leg legs lie lies isle gel gels
    • cur curs crush couch chorus scour such sour rush occur occurs our ours hour hours
    • via vial visa visual ivy lay lays ail ails slay sly sail say vials
  4. Word Cookies Antworten Apple:

    • can canine cane cine nice nine nuance nun acne ace ice inn inane
    • fur furious furs fir firs four fours for sour surf our ours sir
    • dew decide deed die died dice did ewe cede ceded ice iced weed wide diced
    • web wench when wren wrench bench brew new chew crew hew hewn hen her herb
    • ion immune mine mime mum mom men menu memo omen one emu eon
    • iron ironic icon inch ionic rich rhino horn chin choir coin corn con nor ion
    • ceil circle cleric cell ice ire ill rice rile relic lice lire lie
    • jig jingle ceil cine leg lice lie lien line gel gin nice nil ice
    • face faced facade fade fake faked ace cafe cake deaf deck fad
    • ago gal lag log nag goal loan logo long loon along lagoon
    • set stove stoves sets toe toes test tests vote votes vest vests vet vets veto
    • ore rock rocket rot rote roe ret cork core coke cot tore toe trek
    • egg engage eve even nag nave gene gang gag gave age avenge van vegan vane
    • rev revenue revue rue run eve ever even veer venue urn nerve never
    • exit extent text ten tent tee teen tie tin tine tint next net nit tenet
    • coke code cook cookie cooked ode kid dock doe dice die deco deck ice iced
    • sock stock shock scotch shot cost cot cots cock cocks chock chocks host hock hocks hot
    • ply pit pity typify tip lip lit lift fly flip flit fit fitly
    • cat cats cast cactus cut cuts act acts fact facts fat fats fast sat sac scat
    • deed eddies die dies died did see seed side size sized deeds seize seized sided

Word Cookies Antworten Executive Chef
Erst Celebrity, dann Sous, dann Executive Chef. (Bild: Bitmango)

Ganz frisch: der Sous Chef

Der nächste der Ränge kommt recht grün daher: Als Sous Chef nutzt Ihr vor allem grünen Tee, Minze und Melone. Hä? Fakt ist: Jetzt wird’s langsam richtig schwierig, denn hier tauchen die ersten Wörter mit bis zu sieben Keksen auf. Aber keine Panik: Einfach in die Word Cookies Antworten für diese Stufe schauen:

  1. Word Cookies Antworten Greentea:

    • dig din dining fig fin find finding gin inn
    • peep pepper peer per reed deer deep red
    • cork choir cry hickory hock icy rich rock rocky
    • all local alcohol call coal halo hall cool
    • bee bee rember member mere beef free reef fee
    • horn horizon ion iron nor zoo
    • pin picnic pine pie pen ice nip nice epic
    • mill million ill ion lion loin oil nil
    • cur circuit citric critic curt cut rut tic uric
    • pay payday pad day 2 special.30¢
    • gel geology ego egg leg log logo lye
    • ark award awkward dark draw raw wad war ward
    • war warrior arrow air raw row oar roar
    • sow sorrow sorry soy rosy row rows worry woo wry
    • ball balloon ban boa boon all lob loan loon
    • cog coin con cook cooking gin icon ink ion kin king nook
    • all anvil ill lain nail nil vain van via vial villa villain
    • hat habit habitat hit bait bat bath bit that tab
    • bin bikini ink kin kind kid bind bid din
    • gin gins miss missing sign sin sing sins signs
  2. Word Cookies Antworten Pistachio:

    • any can con havoc hay navy nay nova ova Van anchovy
    • bee believe bile eel eve evil lie live veil vie vile
    • chic choice echo hoe ice cache coach ache each ace
    • ego ecology cool clog logo leg lye gel cog log
    • high highway hay why wig wag way
    • boom boot bottom mob moot motto tomb too tot bomb
    • girl grim grip limp lip pig pilgrim rig rim rip
    • con corn crop nor poor pop popcorn pro prop
    • ace age babe bag beg cab cabbage cage ebb
    • ell levy love lovely lye volley yell
    • can clan coal colon con cool loan nova oval van vocal volcano
    • bee beet bent bet between net new tee teen ten web went wet
    • aim calm claim clam gala lag magic magical mail mica
    • pump pumpkin pun pin mink kin ink nip punk pink pip pup
    • any aura january jar jun jury urn yarn ran ray run ana
    • elm love mole move mule volume vowel vow mow low owe owl woe
    • rue exert rut tee text texture tree true utter ret
    • etch chest crest her hers rest retch sect set she stretch test
    • drop oar pad par paradox pod pro prod rap road rod pox
    • met men melt meet elm element eel tee teen net let lent ten
  3. Word Cookies Antworten Mint:

    • act actual cat cut cult clay lacy lay
    • cell cello clog cog college eel ego gel glee leg log
    • aim amazing again ana gain gin main man mania nag
    • air aria arrival avail lair larva lava liar rail rival via vial viral
    • clue cue cult cut cute cutlet eel elect let lettuce tee lettuce
    • ana ant antenna ate eat neat net tan tea ten
    • cent cine cite citizen ice net nice nit ten tic tie tin zinc
    • gin grim grin groin inn ion iron minor morning nor norm rig rim ring
    • den dew end keen ken knee knew need new wed weed week weekend
    • den die dig din dine end ending gin inn nine 2 special.32¢
    • ash fan fashion fin fish has his ion oaf shin sin sofa son
    • come cow cowl eel elm lee low mew mole mow owe owl welcome woe
    • noon nor noun nun our poor pour pro pronoun pun run upon urn
    • core correct err ore retro roe rot rote toe tore
    • ire rite tie tier tire titter trite twitter weir wet wire wit writ write
    • bib brush bus bush his hub rib ribs rub rubbish rush shrub sir
    • cry cue cur cure curry emu err mercury mercy merry recur rue rum rye
    • come con cone economy eon men money mono moon omen once one yen money
    • did dig din dip dug dun dung gin gun nip pig pin ping pudding pug pun
    • fly flurry fry fur furry fury floury lorry flour foul four your you for our
  4. Word Cookies Antworten Honeydew:

    • jar journal loan lunar nor oar oral our ran run urn
    • cine cue cuisine ice ices nice sin since sine sue sun use
    • bee beer beers bees berserk err reek see seek seer
    • fee free fume fur mere peer per perfume perm pure puree reef rue rum rump
    • ell ill let lie lit lilt little tell tie tile till tilt title elite eel
    • ana ant ants any fan fans fantasy fast fat fats nasty nay sat say stay tan tans
    • chip chips hip hips his icy physics ship ships shy sip sips spicy spy
    • ace ape cake cap cape coke cope oak pace pack pea peacock peak peck poke
    • ace ache achieve cave each eve have heave hive ice via vice vie
    • ease mass mess same sea seam seas see seem sesame
    • all allot alloy ally alto lay lot loyal loyalty oat tall tally toll toy
    • egg eggs get guess guest guests gust gusts gut guts set sue suggest tug use
    • chic chick chicken check chin chink cine hen hike ice inch ink ken kin neck nice niche
    • ably air airy bail bar bay bra lair lay liar library rail ray rib
    • age ago axe ego eon gone hag hang hen hexagon hoax hoe hog hone nag one oxen
    • coin con fiction fin fit font icon into nit not tic tin ton tonic
    • chin coin coins con cousin cushion his icon inch ion nous shin shun sin son sonic such sun
    • his hit hits its shirt shy sir sit stir thirst thirsty thirty this thy try
    • bed beg body bog boy bye doe dog dye edgy ego god good goodbye obey oboe ode
    • clue cruel cue cult culture cur cure curl curt cut cute let lure rue rule rut truce true
  5. Word Cookies Antworten Melon:

    • err mere mop more ore peer per perm poem pore pro roe rope
    • elf file fish flesh his isle less lie life self sel fish she shelf
    • dig din diving driving gin grid grin grind rid riding rig rigid rind ring virgin
    • ape happen heap hen nap nape pan pane pea pen happy hyena hay pay yen any
    • big bin bingo bog book booking boon gin ink ion kin king knob nook
    • elf flesh flue flues flush fuel fuels fuse hue lush self she shelf shuffle sue use shuffle
    • ace acne cafe can cane canine cine face fan fen fiance fin finance fine ice inn nice nine
    • and can coda coma comma command con dam don mad man moan nod nomad command
    • aim ant main man mat mint nit tan tin vain van vat via vitamin
    • eel elm lee let meet melt met peel pelt pet tee teem temple
    • bee beer beg beige bier big brig crib erg grebe ice iceberg ire rib rice rig
    • air bar bare barrier bear bier bra ear era err ire rare rear rib
    • air art lair liar rail rat rival tail tar trail trial trivia trivial vat via vial viral vital
    • eel eve evil heel hive ice leech lice lie live vehicle veil vice vie vile
    • arc arch car card char chord coda cord had hard hoard hod oar orchard road roar rod
    • heir cherish her hers hire his ice ices ire rice rich rise she sir sire
    • age agree area aver average eager ear era eve ever gave gear grave rag rage rave verge
    • holy hot hotly hymn lot month monthly moth myth not only thy ton toy month
    • deaf doe does dose fad fade fed foe food oaf ode sad safe sea seafood sod soda sofa
    • aim amen axe exam examine main man mane mean men mine mix name

Knifflig, knifflig: der Executive Chef

Weiter geht’s – Ihr steigt eine Stufe höher. Der Executive-Chef kann bereits mit eher exotischeren Zutaten umgehen. Rosmarin und Cheesecake stehen hoch im Kurs. Diese Word Cookies Antworten helfen Euch weiter.

  1. Word Cookies Antworten Cheese:

    • big biology bog boil boy glib glob igloo lob log logo oil oily
    • celery cry cycle eel eye leer lye recycle reel rely rye
    • acorn arc can car cocoa con corn corona croon nor oar raccoon ran
    • cord doctor door dot rod root rot too brood robot boot bot orb rob
    • chute cue cup cut cute etch hue hut ketch ketchup peck pet puck put tuck
    • city cry icy ivory ivy riot rot tic toy trio try victor victory coy
    • vision ins ion ions sin son bison ibis bins nibs snob sob bin nib sib nob
    • meet met pest pet see seem seep set steep stem step tee teem tempest tempt test
    • eel elk eye heel hey hoe hole holy keel key keyhole lee leek lye yoke yolk
    • reset rest retest see seer set steer street tee tees test tester tree trees
    • ire rise rue rues ruse sir sire sue sure survive use user vie vies virus
    • err eve ever fee fever foe for fore forever free freer ore over reef refer roe rove veer
    • again gain gin gun iguana nag fungi fang fauna fig fain fan fun fin
    • let lore lot lottery lye ore otter rely roe role rot rote rye toe tort toy trot try yet
    • door dot dour duo odor our out outdo outdoor rod root rot rout rut too tour
    • bet buff buffet but tub tube beef feet fete fee beet bee tee
    • den doe don done end led lend lode lone nod node noodle ode old one eon need
    • act calf cat clay cult cut fact faculty fat fault faulty flat flay fly lay talc
    • amp ash asp ham has hasp hoop hop map mash mop sap sham shampoo shop soap sop spa
    • ace ache acne ale can cane channel clan clean each elan hale heal hen lace lance lane leach lean
  2. Word Cookies Antworten Sugar:

    • cog core cry ego erg err gore gory grey grocer grocery ogre ore roe rye coy
    • elf floe flop flue foe foul fuel help hoe hole hop hope hopeful hue lop lope pole
    • ail also coal coals coil coils oil oils sail silo social soil class oasis loss
    • alum arm far farm fur half ham harm harmful haul hum hurl mar mural ram rum
    • aim axiom bail balm boa boil box lamb lax limb limbo loam lob mail mailbox mix mob oil
    • con cone core corn corner crone eon err nor once one ore roe none neon
    • arm arms army mar mars may mum ram rams ray rays rum say sum summary yam yams
    • acid aid and cad can dancing dig din gain gin inn nag
    • act ant can cant cat coat coca con contact not oat tact tan ton tot tat
    • air airy fail fair fairly fairy far fir flair fly frail fray fry lair lay liar rail ray
    • coconut con cot count cut not nut onto out ton too tun unto
    • got gout gut hog hot hug hut ought out thou though thug tough tug tot tout thought
    • err nurse nursery rerun rue run rune ruse rye sue sun sure urn use user yen yes
    • all ate awe eat late law let tale tall tea teal tell wall wallet well wet tee
    • eel eve ever evolve lee leer lever lore love lover ore over reel revolve roe role rove veer verve
    • demur drum drummer due emu err mud mum murder red rude rue rum
    • doe dole dome dye elm led lode lye meld melody mode model mole ode old medley deem eye
    • abut bat bath bathtub but hat hub hut tab taut that tub tuba butt tat
    • ace ache act ate cat chat cheat cheetah each eat etch hat hatch hate heat heath tea teach tee
    • apt gait gap gilt lag lap lip lit pal pat pig pigtail pit plait tag tail tap tip
  3. Word Cookies Antworten Cappucchino:

    • ego enough eon gone gun hen hoe hog hone hue hug huge hung one gene
    • iris its riot riots rot rots sir sit sort stir trio trios visit visitor visor
    • able above ale all bale ball bell boa label lob lobe lovable love oval vale veal
    • nor oops poor pro pros snoop son sons soon sop sops sponsor spoon spoons spoor
    • gin grin gun inn nun rig ring rug ruin run rung running urn
    • aid aide aids aside die disease ease idea sad said sea seas see seed seeds side sides
    • add adder address are dare dead dear dread dress ear era read red sad sea sear
    • annoy any can canon canyon con anyone canoe ocean once yen cone cane acne ace neon none eon coy one
    • cricket ice ire kit kite rice rick rite tic tick tie tier tire trek trick
    • into ion lion lit loin loot lot lotion nil nit not oil onto tin ton too tool
    • err grey guy rue rug ruse rye sue sure surge surgery urge use user yes
    • clot colon colt con control cool corn loon loot lot nor not onto root rot ton too tool torn
    • ant ants sat savant tan tans van vans vast vat vats stand sand data sad and
    • biscuit bit bits bus bust but cub cubit cut its sit stub suit tic tub
    • engine eve even evening gene genie gin give given inn nine vein vie vine
    • aim aims anion anions anon inn inns ins ion ions main mains man mansion mason moan moans sin son
    • elf fief fiery fife file fir fire firefly fly fry ire lie life lye rely rife rifle rile rye
    • and any darn day dray dry lad lady land lanyard lard lay nay ran ray yard yarn
    • hue elf flu full help fell hell pull fuel hull flue pelf helpful
    • arrow draw dwarf fad far for ford forward oaf oar raw road roar rod row wad war ward word
  4. Word Cookies Antworten Chestnut:

    • cent con cone connect eon neon net none not note once one ten toe ton tone
    • all anvil avail avian ill lain lava nail naval nil vain van vanilla via vial villa
    • iris its pit pits rip rips sip sir sit spirit spit stir strip tip tips trip trips visit
    • egg erg err get gig girt grit ire rig rite tie tier tiger tire trigger
    • our out rook root rot rout row rut too took tour tow two woo work workout
    • ago amp arm gap gram map mar mop oar par pram program rag ram ramp rap roam roar
    • hit hot how hut out thou tot tout tow two who wit with without
    • except expect pet tee excite exit piece epic pic cite pie ice pit tic tip tie
    • bone bore born borne broke broken eon ken knob nor one orb ore rob robe roe broker
    • den dens eel eels else end led lend lens less need see seed seen send sled
    • ceiling cine cling gel gin ice icing leg lice lie lien line nice nil
    • all ally any fail fall fan fill fin final finally flail fly ill inlay lain lay lily nail nil
    • err fret fur further heft her hue hurt hut rue rut the true truer turf
    • did die died dire dried idle idled ire led lid lie lied red rid riddle ride rile riled rider
    • air airy art gait gravity grit ivy rag rat ray rig tag tar tray try vary vat via
    • air airing gain gin grain grin inn nag rag rain raining ran rang rig ring
    • eon meet memento memo men met moment net not note omen one tee teem teen ten toe ton tone tome
    • equity let lie lieu lit lute lye quiet quietly quilt quit quite tie tile yet yeti
    • fig figs fin finish fins fish fishing gin gins his ifs ins nigh shin sigh sign sin sing
    • coffer core fief fife fir fire foe for force fore ice ire off offer office officer ore rice rife roe
  5. Word Cookies Antworten Rosemary:

    • dig digit dignity din dingy dint dying gin nit tiding tidy tidying tin tiny tying
    • ago aim air arm giro gram grim mar oar origami rag ram rig rim roam
    • cent con cone content cot eon neon net none not note once one ten tent toe ton tone tot
    • aim air arm main man mar rain ram ran rim ruin rum run uranium urn
    • fish foil foils folio folios fool foolish fools his hoof hoofs ifs oil oils silo soil solo
    • come compel complex cope cox elm lop lope mole mop mope poem pole pox
    • and had bad bag ban hag nag dab gad hand band hang bang handbag
    • aid dial dig digit digital gad gait gilt glad lad lag laid lid lit tag tail tidal
    • eel elope envelop eon eve even lee lone lop lope love novel one open oven peel pen pole
    • able ace ape bale bap cab cap cape clap lace lap leap pace pal pale pea peal plea
    • academy ace acme cad came dace dam dame day decay dye mace mad made may mead yam
    • adage add age aged dam damage damaged dame dead gad game gamed gem mad made mead
    • cede cue cued cues due dues see seed succeed sue sued suede use used
    • not any man may nay toy ton mat ant tan oat yon yam many moan atom moat anatomy
    • bar bare baroque bear boa boar bore bra ear era oar orb ore our rob robe roe rub rue
    • apply hail happily happy hay hip lap lay lip pail pal pap pay pip play ply
    • all allot alloy ally alto atoll lay lot loyal oat tall tally toll tot total totally toy tat
    • bun buns burn burns bus nub nun nuns rub rubs run runs snub sun sunburn urn urns
    • ace acne can cane cave cine ice naive nave nice vaccine vain van vane vein via vice vie vine
    • ago apology gap goal lag lap lay log logo loop lop opal pal pay play ploy ply polo pool yoga

Das waren sie, die nächsten Word Cookies Antworten. Wenn Ihr woanders im Spiel festhängt, schaut doch einfach in diese Lösungen für Word Cookies:

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